Congratulations to our champions October 5th at New Berlin Bowl:

  • Nicholas Wetzel (Boys Scratch)
  • Taylor Hoppe (Girls Scratch)
  • Zander Marshall (Handicap)

Also congratulations to our Junior Gold advancers Adam Wrycha, Nicholas Wetzel, Kaitlyn Keith, Molly Brandos and Joshua Fane.

So far we have had 3 events, 250 entries, awarded over $7,800 in scholarships and 21 Junior Gold spots this season.

Please note that proof of average is needed at time of checkout for all handicap division bowlers.

I would like to thank the photographer, Christina Warren, for taking time out of her busy schedule to help us.  I should be getting the pictures soon.  If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures, please contact me to schedule a time to meet.  If anyone is interested in having Christina take pictures again at our events, please let me know. – Chris


PBA Tour Member Jason Belmonte and Ryan Zagar


(L to R) Isabella Fisher, Ethan Kailin, Benjamin Fowler, Tommy Sadowski


(L to R) Front Row Sarah Paasch and Kristen Delano. Back Row: Hannah Mackie, Stephanie Schwartz, Katie Zwiefelhofer, Madyson Beckers


(L to R) Kevin Scholz, Ryan Zagar, Jacob Rubach, Ryne Greenwood, Corben Sadowski, Jordan Hastings, Cotie Holbek, Josh Burgess


Sponsors Tom and Matt Ryan