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Click Here for entry form for 1st Annual Kristofer Smith Memorial Tournament

Congratulations to our champions at our Year End Event on June 7th at AMF Bowlero Lanes:

  • Aaron Turner (Boys Scratch)
  • Samantha Munsch (Girls Scratch)
  • Kyle Mathe (Handicap)

Also congratulations to Junior Gold Qualifiers: Josh Driver, Jacob Jones, Nick DeCesaro, Matthew Cherney, Sarah Paasch, Amanda Gould, Cassidy Courey and Taylor Purgett.

2014-15 has been a great season.  We had 16 events, 1278 entries, awarded $48,125 in scholarships plus 98 Junior Gold spots.  We awarded $67,725 total for the year.

Special award winners were:

Boys Scratch Division
Bowler of the Year – Zach Woelfel $50
Rookie of the Year – Dakota Vostry $50
Girls Scratch Division
Bowler of the Year – Jaelynn Hoehnen $50
Rookie of the Year – Emma Davellis $50
Handicap Division
Bowler of the Year – Danielle Rubach $50
Rookie of the Year – Treasa Rost $50
JBST 50th Tournament Award – Keith Modlinski $100
Our 10th season will start up the weekend of August 8th and 9th, 2015.  On August 8th I am planning an Adult Youth Tournament.  Separate divisions and payout for the adult and youth bowlers.  On Sunday August 9th will be the first annual Kristofer Smith Memorial and our JBST opener.    Entry forms for both events will be made available in July.


The Elite Youth Tour with Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty had an event at Oshkosh Lanes in Oshkosh.  Their website is

Click here for Entries By Bowler.


Click here for an article about our Feb 8th, 2015 event at Badger Bowl.


Totals after the first 8 events this season:  over 660 entries, awarded over $21,000 in scholarships, and 53 Junior Gold advancers.


We had our biggest event to date on December 28 at Arlington Lanes with 103 bowlers and $3,560 awarded in scholarships.  After 7 events, we have had  568 entries, over $18,400 in scholarships being awarded, and 46 Junior Gold spots.  And that’s with less than half the season completed.


Some parents have approached me regarding one of our youth bowlers who was using a two handed approach on spares only and one handed for strikes.

They thought that the bowler was switching hands throughout the competition by switching between the one handed and two handed.

After talking with USBC, we found out that what the bowler was doing is legit.

Below is a copy of that specific rule.

118b/3 A bowler is using the two-handed approach.

The bowler’s dominate hand is the right hand. Can the bowler use the right hand for spares?

YES, since both deliveries are with the same dominate hand, the bowler did not change delivery and, therefore, is not in violation of any USBC rules

To sum it up, the hand that releases the ball has to be the same hand, the bowler cannot switch hands.  If anyone needs any more clarification, please let me know.


October 21 is the anniversary of JBST’s first ever tournament.  We started with 10 entries and awarded $250 in scholarships.  Since then we have had 837 bowlers from 215 different cities representing 9 states, 4417 entries, awarded $152,015 in scholarships, and 217 Junior Gold spots.  After 3 events this season, we had 250 entries, awarded $7,835 in scholarships, and 21 Junior Gold spots.

Please note that proof of average is needed at time of checkout for all handicap division bowlers.

I would like to thank the photographer, Christina Warren, for taking time out of her busy schedule to help us.  I should be getting more pictures.  If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures, please contact me to schedule a time to meet.  If anyone is interested in having Christina take pictures again at our events, please let me know. – Chris


PBA Tour Member Jason Belmonte and Ryan Zagar


(L to R) Isabella Fisher, Ethan Kailin, Benjamin Fowler, Tommy Sadowski


(L to R) Front Row Sarah Paasch and Kristen Delano. Back Row: Hannah Mackie, Stephanie Schwartz, Katie Zwiefelhofer, Madyson Beckers


(L to R) Kevin Scholz, Ryan Zagar, Jacob Rubach, Ryne Greenwood, Corben Sadowski, Jordan Hastings, Cotie Holbek, Josh Burgess


Sponsors Tom and Matt Ryan